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Pro-life for the Whole Life

I believe in the dignity of every person and support protections for all from conception to natural death.

I support compassionate policies that address the root causes of life denying decisions.

The Environment

Conservation of Wisconsin's natural resources is a priority for me. To have a healthy society, we must have a healthy environment.

2nd Amendment

I support the right to bear arms. This pivotal freedom is important not only for recreation and self-defense, but as a safeguard against tyranny.

School Bus & Children
Police Officer
Woman & Doctor


Children are our future and deserve the best we can give.

I support fully funding all schools. I support expanding private school vouchers for anyone so that parents can choose where their kids go to school.

Police and Rules for the Use of Force

It is precisely because of my deep respect for our police that makes me so passionate about clarifying the Rules for the Use of Force. We the people must take responsibility for defining what we consider acceptable behavior. Good police officers sincerely trying to do what's right should not have to live in fear of prosecution. As they stand, the Rules are grossly insufficient and lead to unnecessary confrontation.

Women in Society

Women bring important and unique insights, values, abilities, culture, ethos, and strength wherever they go. We ought to value contributions of heroines to our society and encourage our daughters to strive for great things.

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Doctor and Patient

Abolishing the Property Tax

Property tax incentivizes all the wrong things. It discourages effective land use and unfairly taxes those who contribute more to beautiful communities.

I want to abolish the Property Tax and replace it with a Land Value Tax, which taxes only land and not the improvements built upon it, exempting farmers.


I support formula-based redistricting. Formulas are non-partisan and effective. Gerrymandering is manipulative and damaging to our democracy. We must protect our democracy for future generations with a non-partisan redistricting process.

Health Care

Everyone knows the current healthcare system is broken. Hospitals gouge prices, insurance companies avoid paying claims, the cost of premiums is growing rapidly, and we all have fewer and fewer choices. It's time to fix this system.

Dairy Farmer
Construction Workers
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Local farming is a national security issue. Long food supply chains are vulnerable to disruption by global events. Because Wisconsin farmers produce food locally, we're safer and get better food. We have a vested interest in ensuring the survival of Wisconsin farms.

Jobs, the Economy, and Immigration

A healthy economy begins with free markets and protections for small businesses and workers from unfair practices. A healthy economy depends upon local job growth, new and growing businesses, entrepreneurs, and valued workers who are treated fairly.

Natural Resource Dividend

Our natural resources belong to us all. I support a National Resource Dividend which, like Alaska's "Permanent Fund Dividend", offers a payment to all residents based on the income from natural resource usage. Right now, the wealthiest unevenly benefit from Wisconsin's natural resources, especially high value land. A Natural Resource Dividend would help to close the gap and ensure that all Wisconsinites receive a share in our common heritage.

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Immigrants can support a healthy economy when fully welcomed into society.

I support visas for immigrants who start businesses and create jobs. I support worker visas for immigrant farm workers.